A Space for
the Kreative Class

Connect and collaborate at this unique coworking location

Welcome To Our Haus
Located in Buffalo, NY, The K Haus is a community, design and art-focused coworking space that’s home to free-thinking, creative individuals.
Our members come together in a progressive, network-driven environment that offers the convenience of a modern office as well as the support of leading investment and legal teams.
The K Haus community is highly engaged, always open to collaboration and on track for accelerated success.
Our Residents
The future-focused residents of the K Haus are top-level entrepreneurs and creators from Buffalo’s start-up and business community.
This next-gen collective of game-changers is armed with inspiring visions for a better world.
Our Location
The K Haus coworking space is located in Buffalo, NY, a stone’s throw to the city’s central theatre district.
Our creative neighbors motivate us to ‘think outside the Haus’ and push boundaries to achieve the impossible.

Open Haus

Created for those who like options when it comes to their workspace and don’t require a permanent desk. Open Haus members have unlimited access to the Gallery floor, all communal spaces and are welcomed at our cultural programming events.

My Haus

Designed for teams and individuals who prosper in an open, lively, consistent environment. My Haus memberships provide dedicated desks with lockable storage. Members have unlimited access to the Gallery floor, all communal spaces and are invited to attend our cultural programming events.

Cloud Haus

The ideal solution for individuals or teams that need a physical address, access to amenities and member rates, but don’t need physical space. Enjoy a drop-in day and invites to attend our virtual programming events.

Private Haus

For teams and individuals who thrive in their own space, Private Haus provides fully furnished offices with abundant space and privacy. Members have unlimited access to the Gallery floor, all communal spaces, are welcome to attend our cultural programming events and have direct access to our outdoor terrace.

Flex Haus

The ultimate in versatility. For originators, trailblazers and pathfinders on the go, Flex Haus memberships allow access to our Gallery floor and all communal workspaces. Memberships also include discounted rates on conference rooms and invites to select events.

The First of its Kind

K Art is a Native American owned gallery focused on showcasing national-level contemporary Native artists.  Historically, museums are the primary platform for Native artists, but the number of shows dedicated to contemporary Native American art is small and the number of artists featured in these shows is even smaller.

K Art will promote these artists whose stories have not previously been told in a way they deserve to be. K Art will be a pioneer in the art community to enable important discussions on Native American underrepresentation, marginalization, stereotypes, history, and contemporary culture.

Make The K Haus Your Home

As Buffalo’s unique coworking space, the K Haus is home to a positive and engaged start-up and entrepreneur community.

Members benefit from unique business development resources, including legal and investment expertise and networks, regular events and presentations, and introductions to major sources of capital.