First of its Kind Gallery in the K Haus
Art in the Haus
Our Gallery
A pioneer in the art community, K Art is an original gallery with a programmatic focus on Native American contemporary artists.
Our Mission
K Art’s mission is to elevate and feature cutting-edge Native contemporary artists on a national and international scale.
We’re achieving this by showcasing new solo and group exhibitions from established and emerging artists every three months.

Slick, Duane. 21.

Jemison, Peter. Blackberry Arch 2005.

Our Vision
Native contemporary artists have historically not been featured outside of the museum environment.
K Art’s vision is to build the richness and diversity of the contemporary Native art space by focusing on and promoting the works of these talented artists.
Our Location
K Art is part of the K Haus, a design, art and tech-centric space owned and operated by the K team in downtown Buffalo, NY, close to Seneca Nation territory.

Hill, Luzene. ABQ1a.

Our Exhibitions
K Art’s exhibition Brought to Light: The Epidemic of Violence Against Indigenous Women opened April 30th, 2021. The exhibit showcases the works of 4 indigenous artists and addresses the existing epidemic of violence and trauma native women face due to systemic racism, sexism, and the ingrained history of colonialism in North America.